Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge?


The price quoted is PER vehicle. No strings attached here folks. So if you bring a car load full of passengers, then we DO NOT charge extra for that. The price you pay at checkout is PER vehicle :)

How often do you do your day trips? 


We do tag-along tours Monday to Sunday. If you go to Book a Tour, you will be able to see what day each trip is done :)

For more information on our trips, please click here!

What is so special about your tours? Why choose GONE Offroad?

This is a great question and must be followed by an even better answer. We answer this question in our blog right here.

Our mapping crew are continuously looking at new routes which is no easy task. As the new routes get the green light, they will eventually become available for you to enjoy as part of our other tour options. Another thing is full blown adventures! GONE Offroad are one of the extreme few that operate full-blown tag-along convoys to the most remote parts of Australia, giving you a rare opportunity to see some of the most spectacular country on the Sunshine Coast and Victorian High Country.

Lastly, you get all off the above within the comforts of your own family and friends in your very own vehicle. Its a win-win for everybody.


How do "Tag-Along" tours work?


Tag-Alongs operate in the same way as a convoy. We all drive in a single line as a group. The GONE Offroad vehicle is the Lead Vehicle at all times. In addition, we always look out for each other during the entire trip. Pretty much like a military convoy :) You will find the CONVOY RULES by clicking here!

Can I pay for my ticket over the phone or online?



PHONE: Simply give Kevin a call on 0422 299 099, and we will process the transaction over the phone while you wait. 

ONLINE: You can pay online with PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. 


Just like usual, if you use PayPal, our email address is 

What payment system do you use for online credit and/or debit cards online payments?

The system we use to safely process your transaction is STRIPE and we can process major cards like VISA and MasterCard etc. Founded in 2010, Stripe provides the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate your on-line payment systems. We use STRIPE because it is blazingly fast, efficient and secure. Massive companies like Target and Under Armour use STRIPE on their back end among 100,000+ other companies world-wide.

How many vehicles per trip (Tag-Along)?


They vary accordingly as one one trip may have a max of 6 vehicle and another may have a max of 5 vehicles. However, you can carry as many passengers as your vehicle legally allows. But we always keep your vehicle convoy maximum to no more than 6.

Over time we have experimented with different numbers of vehicles and have found that 6 vehicles (not including the GONE Offroad vehicle) is perfect. Five vehicles does not make the trip cumbersome, even under tricky situations. It is also a manageable amount of vehicles without disturbing the surrounds - or on the off chance - traffic headed in the opposite direction (which is rare but does happen).

So this means we get to drive our own 4WD for the entire day right?

That is 100% correct. You do all the driving. 

How do you manage track closures or times where fire danger is high?


That is a brilliant question. We are always in contact with both Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services (QPWS) as well as with HQ Plantations whether there are fire dangers or not. We always do our absolute best to check for road or track closures on the appropriate websites and with phone conversations with the appropriate officers. In the event of fire bans and so forth, a phone call is always made to the above mentioned organisations to check for closures. If there are no closures, the trip will go ahead. Whether there are fire bans or not, it is our policy to never light a fire for whatever reason. To do so will result in instant dismissal from the convoy and reported accordingly.


Furthermore, if a track is closed and the tag-along cannot proceed, then the trip will be rescheduled for another date that is convenient for both parties. Although rare, these things can happen due to mother nature playing its role. We do not refund unless your spot in the tag-along can be replaced. 

Where do we meet on the day of the trip? What if I am late?

When you click on Our Tours, you will see clearly the "Meet Up" locations for the day trip you have selected. Just be sure to read all the information carefully. We expect everybody to be on time so we can do a quick meet and greet before departure, get accustomed with our vehicles, see who needs radios etc and then take off. It is a big day and a lot of driving so we do not want to be held up because someone was late. We need to be as organised as our vehicles are for the big day ahead. We ask that every one show respect for their fellow drivers time and not be late. So please be organised prior to the trip: fuel already onboard along with food, water and snacks packed and ready to go :)

Do you supply recovery gear?

We do NOT "supply" the recovery gear per se as the costs would be enough to pay the Aussie national debt. 


However, the GONE Offroad Lead Vehicle is thoroughly equipped with fixed recovery gear to assist customers to a complete and safe recovery. This being a 12500lb winch at the front. Other recovery gear includes the following:

- 8 tonne snatch strap

- 5 tonne 20 metre extension strap

- 8 tonne winch block

- 10 tonne tree trunk protector and winch rope protector

- 4.7 tonne bow shackles

- Winch dampener for safer recoveries

- MaxTraxx

The Lead Vehicle also has recovery points at both front and rear of the vehicle. This should be enough under the most dire circumstances to get you out of the most difficult situations should it every occur.

For dire situations, and to increase the efficiency of the recovery, other drivers (or the closest) will be asked to assist, if need be. Particularly if the section of track is narrow and dangerous. This is our absolute last measure, but the GONE Offroad Lead Vehicle will make this decision at the time keeping safety and efficiency at the forefront of the recovery process.  Once again, its a team effort if someone is in trouble and needs assistance. This is four-wheel driving and comes with the territory.

If everybody's winches fail, then we pull out the 7 donkeys. Yet, nobody has ever seen these.

Is there communication over the radio? How often?

Although the GONE Offroad Lead Vehicle will not pester you with ongoing dialogue, radio communication will be often enough due to the following reasons:

a) as it is the Lead Vehicle, they will alert the convoy of anything laying ahead that may be disruptive to the vehicles

b) to alert the convoy of certain features of the trek, like scenery, wildlife etc

c) oncoming traffic (if any)

d) 4WD related matters, gear selection and quick reports post-crossing

e) to assist others during a technical aspect of a drive e.g: a rock crawl, river/creek crossing

IMPORTANT: Also, communication is NOT just a one way channel for the GONE Offroad Lead Vehicle ("Dutch"). You, as fellow drivers and 4WD enthusiasts, are more than free to open up communications between the convoy during the trip. Its how we build rapport and make friends with like-minded people. 


We have a strong policy that refrains everybody from using harsh or rude language that may offend others over the radio. So we ask everyone to maintain a polite and friendly nature over the air. We see no need for swearing and those doing so after repeated requests to stop will be asked to leave the convoy with no chance for a refund. Fortunately, this has never happened.

What if I get stuck?

The worst situation you can be in is stuck in mud (or mud hole) or deep sand or a rut. Even then, we have gotten people out without major issues. 

WARNING: There are some parts of the certain tracks, where the convoy drive along cliff sides and mountain ridges with steep drop offs come within metres of the vehicles. We ask that extra absolute care is taken on these parts of the track. The GONE Offroad Lead Vehicle will alert you as these sections arise. In the event of a recovery, the convoy always works together with one recovery leader to help with the recovery. Some of the places we drive are quite remote and far removed from readily available recovery channels. We use conventional means for a recovery, but everyone is reminded that although we all help out in a recovery effort, any associated costs lie with the owner of the vehicle whose vehicle is being recovered.

Are there any steep climbs or descents?

The Winterfields Peaks Track and Diamond Head Track, ranked as a "Medium Difficult" track (scroll below and view the ratings) is an epic drive and has got a couple of technical steep sections where irresponsible driving OR driving a vehicle not equipped with the right tyres or clearance will get you in a serious predicament. These include steep climbs and descents. Although these sections make up about 1% of the entire track, they are still demanding sections not only on your vehicle but also your skill and mindset. Hesitation mid-way on these sections can cause issues. You must have 4 low range for all our tracks and we cannot stress this enough. All terrain 4WD and mud terrain tyres will do well on these sections. Vehicle that have 4WD but only stock highway tyres will struggle on ANY of these rocky climbs and is recommended you don't attempt these type of tracks.

The new Hells Bells Track is rated a solid difficult track and has many steep decent and climbs suitable for experienced drives and minimum slightly modified vehicles.

Coyote Canyon, ranked as an "Easy/Medium" track is also much tamer with a couple of sections that requires thought to get through but not dangerous unless the driver is totally irresponsible. As for tyres, we have had a few 4WD vehicles on highway tyres get through the entire track.

We stress that only a very small amount of our tracks (less than 1% of any given track) have gnarly sections yet its these sections that may or may not prolong time and can be dangerous. Remember this is 4WDing.

What if I get lost?

You won't get lost, because like wolves, we hunt in packs. The "tag-along" aspect ensures the convoy remains in a tag-along fashion so we are there to help each other out and have a great time. It is also why everyone gets a radio before the 4WD tour commences.

I haven't got a CB radio or an air compressor, do you hire them out as well?

As an added service and value proposition to you, tyre deflators, air compressors to re-inflate tyres are free of charge. Hand-held CB radios are COMPLIMENTARY and are lent out to the driver of each vehicle before departure for the duration of the trip. 

Do I need to be a experienced 4WDer to negotiate some sections?


Not at all. But all drivers are expected to understand how 4 High and 4 Low range gearing works and when to use them. When purchasing your ticket, the very first paragraph clearly defines the difficulty "RATING" of the track. So you don't need to be a pro driver, but some experience would be helpful. This is four-wheel driving and comes with the territory. HOWEVER, our Hells Bells Track is a very demanding track that is best suited to experienced off-roaders only.

What do you do as Trip Leader?

The Head Guide, Kev (or "The Sherpa"), job is to serve you

I have no recovery gear, can I still go on these trips?


Yes you can. The GONE Offroad Lead Vehicle is fully equipped to assist anybody in need of a recovery. On many sections the roads are very narrow, so at times, a driver whose closest may be asked to assist in recovery. We do this to maintain efficiency, safety and speed of the recovery. This is four-wheel driving and comes with the territory.

Are your tours environmentally friendly?


Without a doubt in the world - YES. We love our 4WD and we love the bush even more. If we look after the environment in which we operate, the government will keep it open. If people didn't then they would close it forever. So we nurture the tracks we drive on. We do not create new tracks and we always respect the surrounds and wildlife in which we drive through.

What happens if someone has not showed up by the designated departure time?

Please refer to the question above called "Where do we meet on the day of the trip? What if I am late?". Unfortunately, and it will be with regret, the GONE Offroad Lead Vehicle, along with the convoy, will leave at the departure time. We do this, because the day is not only fun, but intense, and we have to stick to a strict schedule to allow for any contingencies/emergencies that may happen out on the tracks. It also isn't fair for paying customers to wait. It's a big day and we have lots to get through, so we if you don't arrive on time, we cannot wait. But the Lead Guide will attempt to make calls to see what the hold up is.

Where about's do we drive because I cannot Google the tour locations?

Safety and driving responsibly is paramount and as a result we prefer to have traffic other than our convoy kept to a minimum. But as we have no control over this because they are public tracks, we prefer not to publicise the exact entry locations on our website as we don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing about it. It's that simple really. There are some tracks that are best kept as secret as possible. GONE Offroad has spent thousands of kilometres and months and months putting these routes together, so we prefer not to disclose the exact entry point of our day trips.

Do you supply food and beverages?


No, we do not. We suggest you bring snacks and food for the trip. We stop once or twice for a bite to eat.

Do you have a Disclaimer and Refund Policy?


Yes we do, and we encourage everyone to read these here.

How do you classify track ratings?

All our tracks have a rating.


  • EASY - For beginners with standard 4WDs (new to 4wding)

  • EASY/MEDIUM - For both beginners and experienced drivers. You may tackle some tracks with some steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy sections.

  • MEDIUM - For experienced drivers. You may tackle some tracks with moderate steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy track sections.

  • MEDIUM/HARD - For experienced drivers with well setup 4WDs. You may tackle some difficult tracks with steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy track and/or river crossing sections. IMPORTANT: Vehicle damage may occur. Please make sure you are prepared for this.

  • HARD - For experienced drivers with very capable 4WDs. You may tackle some very difficult tracks with frequent very steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy track and/or deep river crossing sections. IMPORTANT: Vehicle damange may occur. Please make sure you are prepared for this. 

Do you have any convoy rules?

Yes we do and STRONGLY ADVISE that they are read and understood. You can view them and become familiar with them here


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