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2 Reasons Why Tag-Along Tours Beat a Single Vehicle Guided Tour

Surrounded by million of acres of utter remoteness, there is safety numbers. Tag-alongs work best!

Tag-Along tours is a relatively new concept in the world of tourism on the Sunshine Coast and we're happy to announce that GONE Offroad are the very first company to give other off-roaders a fully immersive and authentic driver experience ever. So what is the difference between a 4x4 tag-along trek through the most deepest gorges and highest peaks on the Coast and a 4x4 guided tour?

By definition, a tag-along is a group of 4WD vehicles that trek along the same path in a group for a common purpose with a lead tour driver leading the way. In other words, we travel in a convoy. So for you, the "common purpose" is a complete immersion into a world of FUN and ADVENTURE! . The words tag-along and convoy can be used interchangeably as they are essentially the same thing.

On the other hand, a Guided Tour is where a guide escorts you around and personally shows specific features of the tour. In the case of a tour that primarily involves driving, this would mean everyone cramming into a vehicle and be quite cumbersome.

Here are 2 reasons a tag-along is far superior than a single vehicle guided tour.


For starters, you're driving. Even though you follow a lead vehicle, with GONE Offroad, you drive your own 4x4 vehicle. This way, we have ensured that YOU control the action. You're in the cockpit, you're the pilot and you're in charge. This is a great way to get a Hi-Def 3D feel of our tours. We are not in the business of leading you through dangerous obstacles but because there are several technical challenges in our trails, you are absolutely guaranteed a crazy day of fun given that you yourself are driving it. Now, we have given our customers a grand opportunity to four-wheel drive straight through the guts of some of the Sunshine Coasts tallest mountains, gutsy mountain ridges, lost valleys, untrodden trails, muddy tracks and off-cambered rutty sections as safely as possible.


Common sense applies here. It would be completely foolish to drive through extremely remote forest environments only to get totally lost or stuck in a ditch somewhere. These areas have NO mobile reception, so to be stuck out here alone is the last place you want to be. I can't count enough times as to how many vehicles I've come across driving solo, who were lost or needed a winch to pull themselves out of a sticky situation.

Because GONE Offroad is your lead vehicle, we provide a way for your to personally have a cracker of time in this beautiful environment safely. Like all things in life, and as mentioned earlier, common sense applies here. When you act recklessly, reckless things happen. An amusement park is no different, nor is crossing a road.


Our offering is truly unique. The fun factor is off the chain. Adrenalin is always going full bore and that is what we are about. Our tag-alongs move like a locomotive. With every vehicle supplied with a cordless UHF CB on the day to maintain ongoing communication, our tours are like an African safari, but with no lions.

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See you on the tracks,

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