• Kevin Cartwright

The First 4WD Weekend Wheelin' Fest

A Land Cruiser 80 Series in Kenilworth during our 4WD Weekend Wheelin' Fest

We kicked off our 4WD Weekend Wheelin' Fest and it sure looks like, based on how it went, that it will now be a regular event as we move forward. 4WD camping weekends have been a regular asked question about GONE Offroads offerings and this was the first 4WD camping tag-along adventure to take place since we have been in business since 2017. 15 solid hours of 4WDing was done over some epic tracks.

The tag-along leads you through some of the tougher tracks of Kenilworth and Amamoor State Forest so it comes highly recommended that you vehicle has rated recovery points (a must) and a winch if your rig has no diff locks. If you do not have lockers, it will be nearly 100% certain that you will be winching on at least 2 challenges.


Climbs and more climbs.

The key to success with our tag-alongs, particularly these big weekenders, is that you are being led by Kev, who is very familiar with most of the tracks in the region. Many 4WDers come to Kenilworth in search of the ultimate action-packed weekend and a good percentage either come up unproductively short on the action because they come to dead ends, over grown tracks or worse, get into a lot of trouble by picking tracks that are to dangerous.

Tagging along on wheeling adventures like our 4WD Weekend Wheelin' Fest automatically gives you a support network of like-minded people. Everyone is recovery self-sufficient and have the goods to recover themselves if needed and are always willing to lend a hand when required.


The entire trip is about 100km. Out of that 100km, about 70km is off-road made up of a well selected combination of hard, medium and easy tracks. The climbs on most are not considered to be dangerous (unless we do something silly) but nonetheless, they are still quite steep with some climb offering multiple challenges on the way up. One climb in particular, which is advised to be driven in 1st Low takes a little over 3 minutes straight to climb!

Our 4WD Weekend Wheelin' Fest is packed with fun and non-stop 4WD action. Nothing more, nothing less. With a total of nearly 15 hours of four-wheel driving over the weekend, exploring new terrain with many different levels of challenges, it is an opportunity to be taken whole-heartedly.

Winching at Kenilworth. Be prepared!

At the end of the first day exploring the great tracks of Kenilworth with heaps of climbs and descents, we make our way to camp at Amamoor and set up at Cedar Grove Camp Ground. At our own leisure we kick back and prepare dinner for the night. We do not supply food so be sure to pack snack, food for dinner, beverages and breakfast for the following morning.

There is an option for heading back out on the tracks for a "no agenda" night run and put out spotties to good use. Those that want to hang back at camp are invited to do so while others that are up to hit the tracks at night are free to go for it.

Kenilworth. Only action over here!

The Sunday we woke up, we had breakfast and hit the tracks by 9am and explore the vast region of Amamoor State Forest till 2pm before heading home. There are so many tracks here, it truly boggles the mind. Mind you, many are easy so this is where it pays to have a local 4WD nut like Kev guide you around and show you the best of the tracks in this region. Amamoor is hilly and I consider it a very low elevation version of the Victorian High Country. The terrain is similar offering many types of tracks for all levels of 4WD exprience with awesome views.

All up, our first 4WD Weekend Wheelin' Fest was an outstanding success. We had a near full convoy and we look forward to showing you around on the next one.

Don't forget to check out our other tag-alongs. We do day trips, camping trips and an 800km Annual Victorian High Country SuperTour every March. Cape York is coming in due course. So stay tuned.

Till then, I'll see ya on the tracks.



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