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A Wild Day on the Tracks with YouTuber Tyler Thompson

Prominent off-road explorer and YouTuber, Tyler Thompson, making his way up the El Diablo section on the Hells Bells Track.

In an industry that has become a social media traffic jam of aspiring 4WD pages on Instagram and YouTube, there is always a very small handful of individuals that leap to the front of the pack because of one simple formula to YouTube success: Quality Content!

So when GONE Offroad 4WD Tours had an opportunity to meet and go wheeling with Tyler Thompson, it was very hard to say no. After all, I have been an avid follower of his channel for well over 12 months. After Tyler completed his wonderfully picturesque trip to Moreton Island, he - along with his son Kai, made their way over to the rough hills of Kenilworth and Imbil State Forest and took up our battle stations. This also happens to be my playground where we run our tag-alongs.

It did not take long to discover that in meeting Tyler, his passion for the wild outdoors, camping, exploring and 4WDing was very apparent. And what a way to spend a day with a bloke of this calibre and to throw him waist deep in our Hells Bells Track.

If there's one thing for certain, nothing escapes the keen camera lenses of Tyler Thompson.

The beauty of wheeling with Tyler is that he never brings an ego with him which is also displayed by his on screen manner in his videos. How you see him on screen, is what he is like off-screen. Furthermore, his Navara NP300 at the time of filming, is not an extreme truck that has had tens of thousands thrown at it. If anything, its a rig that can be achieved by anyone.

The underlying nature of his films is to promote a strong sense of adventure and to explore the unknown in your trusty forbie. On the day of filming we completed the entire Hells Bells Track whereby the last 800 metres of the track was found by luck which made for an incredible finish.

The track does throw some gnarly stretches of track and he has an insatiable thirst for taking on nearly anything that his truck can handle and then push it to the limit. At times, he scared me with me thinking "this guy has some serious b*lls". To be honest, his quiet daring helped push even me and my truck to the full limits of the track.

The GONE Offroad 4WD truck alongside Tyler's extremely versatile Navara NP300.

Meeting top blokes like Tyler with his mild nature yet a monstrous hunger for adventure are few and far between. The stars aligned with this trip and made for one cracking day.

In summary, his content on YouTube is outstanding. Bare in mind, if I honestly did NOT believe this, I would not be sitting here writing this and consuming time. His channel is realistic, funny, inspiring and above all, gives many a kick up the backside to get out there and explore with their 4x4's. I would encourage everyone to look him up. His Victorian High Country trips are along the most entertaining I have seen and I owe most of my knowledge of the high country to him (and Tim Bates).

It's no wonder that his channel is growing quite rapidly with a real steady stream of new subscribers. If you are not a subscriber already, then I will put the links to both his YouTube Channel and Instagram below. Hit that subscribe button!

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