• Kevin Cartwright

Blue Rag Range Track: The Longest Dead End Track in the Southern Hemisphere

At 1700 metres above sea level, you will be hard pressed getting any vehicle higher than this point.

If there had to be a modern day setting for the final Battle Royale for the movie Clash of the Titans, where mortals battle it out with the Gods, then there would be no other location than to let them go at it high atop the Blue Rag Range.

To experience this drive, we need to point our trusty 4-wheel stallions on to the Blue Rag Range Track (BRRT), and like Dorothy, follow the proverbial yellow brick road to its pinnacle. It is here that you will be greeted with perhaps the greatest visual spectacle you'll likely ever encounter and soak up an unobstructed 360 degree view of the earth over 1700 metres below.

The BRRT is iconic for many reasons. Namely, and you will read this often, because of the panoramic vistas that extend as far as the eyes can see as it disappears into the haze of the horizon. You get very similar views upon the summit of Mt Pinnibar also which is 1,772 metres above sea level but BRRT clips it by a margin because the drive to the summit is mostly clear of trees that interrupt your views.

The track itself, although largely in good condition, can still be quite rugged and can be very steep in a few of places. Your attention and absolute concentration is demanded as a driver because of the precarious edges at times on both sides of the track.

Still, there is nothing like it. It is undisputedly one of the most spectacular 4WD tracks in the Australia and one of the many we cover in our SuperTour. Anyone that visits the High Country must do this track but give it the respect it deserves. It is very remote and make sure you go in prepared.

Like all things in the High Country, the 4WDing experience is absolutely surreal. There truly is nothing like it. The Blue Rag Range Track is one of the many, many, many tracks that is a strong bucket list item for any 4WDer.

At a tad over 1700 metres above sea level, be aware that snow may fall without warning at any time during the year - yep, that includes Summer too. It has a few really steep rocky sections particulary just prior to the highest peak and the track drops off steep on both sides. It has been labelled difficult only because of this section. It could be driven in any soft roader up to this point without too much difficulty. If you wish to go upward and onward down to the river make sure you have clearance and tyres and some level of experience in this kind of driving because from here you will need to turn around and come back. Which is what makes it the longest dead end in the Southern Hemisphere, and a dead end we'd do over and over again.

For more info on our SuperTour which covers over 900km of high country track goodness, including Blue Rag Range Track, head over to our website here and get a brief intro to what the SuperTour is all about for when we hit it in March 2020.

At $1,495 per vehicle (we never charge per head), a 10 day tag-along trip like this represents astonishing value in any language and is not found anywhere else in Australia. For the dedicated off-roader, the Victorian High Country is Heaven. Thinking about it gets you only so far. Give it a shot.

See ya at the top!


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