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780km: How the Launch of the First Annual VHC SuperTour Went Down!

Just recently, GONE Offroad 4WD successfully launched and completed it's first annual Victorian High Country (VHC) SuperTour which takes place every March. The convoy had an insatiable thirst for adventure. So what better way to quench that thirst than to roll out 780km of 4WD adventure over 10 days in Australia's most epic 4x4 destinations of them all: the Victorian High Country!


Despite its huge popularity, the Victorian High Country largely remains untouched. It's stunningly beautiful and blissfully quiet. With hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of kilometres of dirt roads, 4x4 tracks ranging in difficulty, waterfalls, cattlemen huts, some of the best and highest views in Australia and some of the best riverside campsites in the nation.

Amid all the chaos taking place around the world right now regarding COVID - 19 and toilet paper, the VHC SuperTour could not have been better timed. Going bush with a full slug of diesel, a swag, a fridge jam packed with food and supplies and a 4x4 is living proof that you don't need a million dollars to live a life of total freedom and have the ability to free up some mental space to absorb what nature has to offer.

The experience was like nothing else. It was off the hook!

Over 10 solid days of scenic camping and 4WDing, we drove some real big name tracks, visited and dined at some landmark pubs and explored several huts that have made their mark in High Country history.

Those that participated in the SuperTour really got a real heavy dose of high country camping and 4WDing which is why they were there. We typically aimed to get to camp anywhere between 2pm and 4pm which gave us ample time to set up camp, get a fire going, crack open a cold beer and talk about whatever came to mind as well as that days adventure. Talk about "living you best life". We were living the dream.

A typical days driving would have been anywhere between 50 to 90km a day of driving. This was obviously dependant and what that days itinerary and destination was.


In a nutshell, we did a ton of tracks. 780km of it. But there are a few that stand out and there's tracks we will keep secret.

Low range paradise! The terrain in the High Country is incredibly undulating which put our low range crawler gears into very good use - after all - that's why we are there right? We tackled some real good tracks that were not (by intention) overly madly difficult, but provided some real solid fun four-wheel driving.

SPECIAL NOTE ON 4x4 TRACKS: Our VHC SuperTour caters for all levels of experience. If the convoy is made up of solid modified rigs and experienced drivers, then the SuperTour will include challenging tracks like Barkley River Jeep Track etc as well as 2 night drives over the 10 day period. On the flip-side, if the convoy is made up of beginners or novice drivers with less modified 4x4's, then the SuperTour offers tracks to suit also. So, the SuperTour offers incredible flexibility.

"Billy Goat Bluff Track is a track you must drive at least once in your life."

Big name tracks like Billy Goat Bluff Track was a total blast. You haven't lived unless you drive it. We did the climb, which personally, I find more fun. I've always liked climbs. Descents have there place too, but I happen to enjoy climbing more. Billy Goat is iconic in every way and rightfully deserves to be known as one of the most popular 4x4 tracks in Australia. It is one of the best drives you'll ever do and is a staple track in our SuperTour. The sense of achievement you get when you cross "the Bluff" is immense and the views you are rewarded with would make a landscape painter horribly jealous.

Crooked River Track is another track that is a staple on the SuperTour. Epic in every way with 24 river crossings that serpents its way through its course, this track offers the 4x4 adventurer some interesting entries and exits, however, the track conditions, like many others can change from year to year and from season to season.

A couple of river crossings saw the water surf across the bonnet amid a strong current. The entire convoy were in the zone and who'd blame them. Where else do you get this many river crossings in rapid succession?

Again, Crooked River Track, just like Billy Goat Bluff Track, is an iconic track that has made its rightful mark on many 4x4 maps.

There were a huge pile of "must do" 4x4 tracks that we wheeled through...tracks perhaps more famous than Billy Goat Bluff Track. We did it! Some of the more challenging tracks were options so that those that wished to give the harder tracks a miss, opted to start beer o'clock mid afternoon and happily hang out at camp instead.

It would be safe to say that next year's 2021 SuperTour will likely be 50% High Range Touring and 50% Low Range medium to difficult 4WDing including 2 night runs.

As a tour operator, we prefer to keep the detailed itinerary to ourselves and not publicise it. It would be safe to say that the amount of 4WDing done on some good fun solid tracks were aplenty and gave us all a hard dose of 4 Low work. The 2020 SuperTour would probably have been 65% High Range touring and 35% Low Range 4WDing.

"The Victorian High Country contains literally thousands of tracks, so you can only imagine, over 780km of 4WDing and camping, that whatever worthwhile there was to see, drive and do - you can bet your bottom dollar we did it."


Besides the huge amount of low range of 4WDing you do on the SuperTour, we make a point to visit some incredibly historic Cattlemen Huts. It is not possible to see them all over 10 days (or even 10 years) as there are well over 300 huts scattered over 1.6 million acres that make up the High Country.

We visited and camped at several. Some Huts that we saw in detail were Moroka Hut, Howitts Hut, Guys Hut, Bluff Hut (amazing) and so many, many more. We also saw and camped at the most famous Hut of them all: Craig's Hut.


This road trip will be one of the most epic journeys you've ever taken. GONE Offroad 4WD is already taking bookings for next year. With only 8 spots available, it is a first come first serve basis. The details are below:

DATE: MARCH 10 - 20, 2021
PRICE: $1,495

When purchasing a ticket on our website, you will reserve your spot with a 30% deposit of $450. The remaining balance of $1095 can be paid by no later than January 2021 but can be paid beforehand.

Food and water is not supplied on this trip so everyone must be self-sufficient including recovery gear.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON 4x4 VEHICLES: For next years SuperTour, only modified vehicles are recommended to come along. This means a minimum of 2 inch suspension lift and a good set of off-road all terrain or mud tyres. I cant stress enough how important tyres are! 33 inch tyres would be VERY ideal!

A winch is also required for this trip in case it is needed. A diff locker is not necessary although it can make life easier in more challenging areas.

For more details, the direct link HERE will take you straight to our VHC SuperTour info page. Or you can call Kev on 0422 299 099 to have your questions answered.

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