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We Have a Track for Everyone: Easy to Very Hard

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Black Ops will be specifically set up for modified vehicles looking to test not only their vehicles, but their mental fortitude.

GONE Offroad 4WD Tours has evolved quite a bit over the last 12 months. It has strived to create tracks for all levels of experience and tenacity. With tracks ranging in levels of difficulty, we have managed to bring two groups of drivers to our 4x4 tag along adventures. Firstly, we have successfully brought beginners to our lifestyle that sport both stock vehicles and no experience in any shape or form, and all the way to hard core, very experienced drivers with rigs to match.

Our purpose, is to not discriminate but to cater for all levels of drivers and vehicles and to NEVER miss an opportunity to create more interesting and technical tracks.

This blog quickly outlines each track and how and why they are what they are. It also explains how a beginner 4WDer can work his way up the ranks by driving our tracks on our tag-alongs over a progressive period of time. Lets begin.

Coyote Canyon Track. The mist brings an aura of beauty to this track and is a great drive for beginners.

TRACK NAME: Coyote Canyon


SUITED FOR: Beginners to 4WDing

VEHICLE RECOMMENDATION: Stock, no mods (but off-road tyres still advised)

Coyote Canyon is suited to the beginner who would like to "dabble to see what it's like" to put their car in high or low range and come to terms with their vehicle over some lightly rutted sections, a couple of mud holes, and slow grinding rocky roads in low range. The majority of this track is what one would term soft road with no technical aspects or steep climbs or descents. The driver, by the end of the trip (that runs for about 48km), will have walked away with some basic knowledge about his vehicles handling in basic off-road terrain. This track can be done with highway tyres in the dry although the risk of puncture is a lot higher due to the embedded rocky nature of the final 90 minutes of the drive down the mountain.

Once Coyote Canyon has been complete, the beginning off-road adventurer's natural course would then be to take on our more courageous Winterfields Peak Track.

You can book the Coyote Canyon Track right here.

Winterfield Peaks Track. Things get a little more challenging and a natural progression after Coyote Canyon Track.

TRACK NAME: Winterfield Peaks

RATING: Moderate

SUITED FOR: Beginners but tilted more towards medium experience

VEHICLE RECOMMENDATION: Stock, no mods (but off-road tyres still advised)

Winterfield Peaks is a popular track that skips a few steps where Coyote Canyon left off and throws a couple of 4 Low 1st and 2nd gear challenges straight off the bat.

In the beginning, you are offered come decent 4 low climbs (some with thick embedded tree roots littered across the track), some rutted sections that require simple lines to tackle and a real sharp switch back onto a real loose shaley climb whilst avoiding a deep rut to the drivers right.

Thereafter, once we reach the top of the mountain, its a nice soft road cruise, yet spectacularly beautiful drive in 4 High for a short while till we meet 3 challenges. These challenges are simply climbs and descents. The climbs require low range for a smooth ride and the descent is quite steep. A great bit of fun as the learning curve steepens.

This tag-along has a spectacular finish as we drive through some rocky creek crossings followed by a nice climb to the top of the most spectacular views in Kenilworth. This trip is a blast from beginning to end.

BUT then we have drivers that have more experience and will opt for something more. After driving this, the next track you will look at is our Hells Bells Track provided their rig is set up for the task at hand.

You can book the Winterfeild Peaks Track right here.

Hells Bells Track. This track raises the bar and brings with it, a requirement of modified vehicles and driver experience to match it.

TRACK NAME: Hells Bells

RATING: Difficult

SUITED FOR: Experienced Drivers

VEHICLE RECOMMENDATION: 33" tyres minimum and adequate underbody clearance

Hells Bells Track is a thumper of a track that offers many, many challenges evenly scattered throughout the 50km trip. Many experienced wheelers were waiting in the shadows for this one to be scouted, routed and released. This has now become our most popular track bar none.

From super steep descents, to steep rutted steppy climbs to wash outs, off cambered technical sections in the plenty, this track is suited for experienced drivers looking for a fun 50km of wheeling through some real rough country.

As for vehicle set up, stock vehicles will likely become damaged due to lack of clearance. Highway tyres will likely be torn to shreds. Inexperienced or beginner drivers will most definitely find this mentally intimidating in many areas of the trip. So this is for modified rigs and experienced drivers only.

With the recent rains, a section called The Abyss, has had a lot of dirt washed away and the shaley loose rocks are aplenty in the thousands. Even on 33" tyres and 2 inches of lift, there are sections where the vehicles underbody will scrub. The Abyss is a steep descent that runs for over 300 metres and literally takes us down the side of the mountain in the most direct and shortest trajectory: down!

BUT, like all experienced wheelers, we all hunger for something more. It is for this reason, that in Mid-November, we will endeavour to route another hectic track. A track that knows no bounds. A track, where a winch will have to be at the ready. A track that makes Hells Bells pale in comparison. This proposed track will be called none other than Black Ops.

You can book Hells Bells Track right here.



SUITED FOR: Experienced Drivers

VEHICLE RECOMMENDATION: 33" tyres minimum and adequate underbody clearance. Winch will be required. Lockers would help but not necessary.

Simply put, the Black Ops project is daring and ambitious in nature. Furthermore, Black Ops will be, like Hells Bells Track was, a monumental undertaking. We will be scouting out some proposed and theoretical waypoints in mid November after the Triton receives its much needed front bar and winch. I can nearly guarantee at least 2 winch points (maybe 3 or 4).

The objective for Black Ops will be treated as such: a Mission. The mission objective is to drop a grenade under the experienced drivers seat and put their well spent money on modifications to good use. It will be for those hungering for a challenge and mingling knee deep in the gritty world of off-road warfare. Like the track name suggests, "Black Ops" will be like a driver's War of Attrition. Concentration will have to be of the highest order because of the inherent risks of how quickly things can go pear shaped.

At this point, when I mix my extensive knowledge of both Imbil and Kenilworth together with the theoretical waypoints I've marked on the GPS, I am adamantly confident that Black Ops will suit the ratings category of very difficult with a capital V and capital D. As I write this and ponder deeply in thought, I can say with conviction that without a winch, the track may not be possible to complete. But time will tell when my accomplice and I get the rigs out there and test it out, camp overnight, and test it some more.

Black Ops will be challenging in any mans language no matter how we slice it. I am hoping that we can get behind enemy lines, drive and record the track over 2 days of map research and bring it to you guys before Christmas. We'll see how it goes and I shall keep you in the loop as I always have.

Yours in Adventure,


But always in keeping mind, the very essence of our tag-alongs (be it easy to very difficult) is to truly embrace adventure, 4WDing as a lifestyle and the spirit of nature away from the grinds of society and life.

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