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You Don't Know What You Have Till It's GONE Offroad!

GONE Offroad was born in 2017 with one mission: to provide adventure seeking swashbucklers with a day out in their own 4WD and be led through some of the best offroad tracks on the Sunshine Coast and also allowing locals and tourists alike to do something totally different.

Mile upon mile and months upon months was spent on the tracks in the colossal attempt to route what can be considered some of the greatest dirt 4WD tracks on the Sunny Coast. Within this period, we spent a considerable amount of time in our 4WD's and spending virtually every weekend clocking up thousands of kilometres routing and rerouting tracks that would cater for all levels of experience for the keen 4WDer.

Our tracks range from easy to medium and has been designed that way on purpose. We don't advertise GONE for the hardcore highly-modified vehicle mainly because of risk aversion. So as long as your vehicle has 4 High and 4 Low, you can tackle these tracks. In saying that, driving recklessly and irresponsibly on these tracks will get you into sticky situations, so common sense and safety must still remain paramount.

Participating in a day trip tour with GONE Offroad is done in a systematic convoy fashion. Convoys work well in these situations because a) it offers camaraderie between like-minded individuals/families and b) convoys offers safety in numbers. We supply all of our tour customers with a UHF CB hand-held radio at no cost for the duration of the trip. A radio is crucial to all tag-along successes because it keeps the entire crew in communication. The lead vehicle (which is the GONE Offroad camouflage vehicle) has the advantage of communicating terrain changes and a tracks obstructions on the fly without the convoy missing a beat. Mobile phones are useless in these environments because of out of range issues. Besides, a UHF radio does not require mobile number exchanges. Hand-held radios are simply "turn on and talk" equipment and works fantastic.

The name of the game is fun and adventure. Our tours are 100% on forest trails, so you'll be constantly surrounded by lush green foliage, giant fig trees that defy imagination, cliff sides, mountain ridges, water crossings, fjords, mud holes, cambered washed out rutty roads (depending on if we had rain), peace, quiet and serenity. We climb mountain ranges as high 650 metres above sea level. So be prepared for a day you'll remember for a long time and we trust you will be more than satisfied if it's adventure and exploration that you are seeking.

In summary, GONE Offroad is a unique and original concept. A concept derived from passion and a strong desire to bring something bold and original to the Sunshine Coast. This has never been created before in this region, and GONE Offroad will dispel the myth that the Sunny Coast is all about "Hastings Street", Beach and Fraser Island.

It's now time to dig a little deeper and look a little further. We have found all the "top spots" for your 4WD and your curious nature, and such spots only exist inside the GONE Offroad GPS. There is now something very different on offer on the Sunny Coast, and it goes by the words GONE Offroad 4WD - Sunshine Coasts only tag-along 4WD adventures for the dirt track lover.

See you on the tracks!


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