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TRACK REPORT: Hells Bells Track Complete

Hells Bells Track: Who Dares Drive It? This Is Off-Road Warfare! Don't Let This Romantic Drone Shot Fool You!

At 38km in distance, the Hells Bells Track is complete and ready! I would like to start off by stating that there is not a combination of tracks like it.

The whole track in and of itself is First Class. It's not an economy ticket. Its loaded with LOT'S of heat and commands attentive driving, strategy, very good lines and tactics. Where 70% of the climbs are committing, 100% of the descents ARE!

This track marks the throbbing heart beat of Kenilworth and Imbil State Forest combined into one clobbering powerhouse and is VERY challenging. It hits you like a thunder bolt and disappears like smoke. This is off road warfare that's full of action, adventure, fun and at times - a strong hit of nerves. Furthermore, there are many sections where you are forced to find your limit and stay there.

A monstrous amount of investment in time has been spent putting this gargantuan puzzle together and the attention to detail is unsurpassed. I think its a work of art not just a work of heart. This is what you get on this trip:

- many creek crossings - a couple of doozy mud holes that puts you on a crazy angle - insane climbs and a ton of them. A lot of them are steep. At least a dozen. - some of the best views on the Coast - mental descents with shaley rock steps and off cambered lines - 1 secret trail

Hells Bells Track is the Godfather of GONE Offroad tracks and it's a beast. A monster in every way conceivable. What ever we push at it, it will push back twice as hard. If we're gentle with it, it won't be gentle back. Try and be Superman with it, it will slap us down and deal us Kryptonite. You know that feeling of apprehension you get when the roller coaster pulls in and you're up next? Yep. That's Hells Bells. There's even a miniature Blue Rag Range on the drive at 500 metres and the views are epic.


Track Difficulty: VERY DIFFICULT

Track Distance: 38.14 km

Average Moving Speed: 7 km/h

Max Elevation: 520 metres

Min Elevation: 131 metres

Average Pace: 8 mins 33 secs / km

Moving Time: 5hrs 26 mins 33 seconds

This is a very proud moment for GONE Offroad 4WD Tours and can't wait to show you through.


Vehicle clearance is absolutely essential whereby a minimum 2" lift is recommended. The Triton is running 33's and some areas still scrubbed in a couple sections. Fellow popular YouTuber, Tyler Thompson was running 32 inch tyres with a 30mm lift and he too scrubbed on these specific sections.

I cannot stress enough how necessary a good aggressive set of tyres are on this track. Mud tyres would be preferable, but an aggressive set of All Terrain off-road tyres would be a minimum requirement.

I would recommend our Hells Bells Track to experienced 4WDer's who can think quick when its all on the line and can choose lines before a gnarly section is driven and also whilst on the go.


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