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TRACK PROGRESS REPORT: Hells Bells at 14km

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Along the great Hells Bells Track

When it comes to creating a new 4WD route it involves many months, many kilometres of driving and many other moving parts to make the track not only safe, but adventurous, fun and challenging. Our new track, Hells Bells, has the hallmarks of a technically fun and challenging track that will, at times, have you gripping the steering well and clenching at the same time. There isn't much room for lapses in concentration thats for sure. In fact, just recently, the boys from popular YouTube Channel, 4WD Action, drove not only sections of Hells Bells but many sections of our Winterfield Peaks Track.

There has been two delays. The first was our map recon trip to the Victorian High Country back in April and secondly, the horrendous amount of wet weather the Sunshine Coast has had. We just need the tracks to dry a little more.

To date, we have completed about 15km of a possible 30km track. I say the word "possible" because the back half of this track has not been explored nor driven so we don't know what is lurking in the high mountain tops of the area.


The track for the first 15km is bloody awesome to say the least. It is pure 110% adrenaline fun. There is about 6 or 7 creek crossings which makes for an epic introduction to Hells Bells. There are also some crazy sections that will have the car off cambered at a near uncomfortable angle. If you know the limits of your rig, you should be ok with that.

The last creek crossing has you travelling up the mountain range then back down into the valley before we complete the last leg of the proposed track with one of the biggest climbs in the region.

There is a small section that incorporates our flagship Winterfield Peaks Track (this track has NEVER failed to impress - EVER!) which has some of the greatest 4WDing in the Kenilworth area. A simple look at our TripAdviser can confirm it :)

For Hells Bells, although only 15km has been mapped out, it is recommended that your vehicle has some aggressive quality tyres. All-Terrains or Mud Tyres will make the cut. IF we drive this track in the wet, a mild All-Terrain will NOT complete the track. More aggressive the tread, the better!

Being that Hells Bells is in the Sunshine Coast, the underlying track is red clay which is notoriously slippery when wet, so tyres will make or break your trip. Having a winch is the best option as always. Tyre size will also make a difference. 90% of the track could be done on 30 inch tyres, but bigger the better. A set of 33's would be handy because its that small 10% of the track that will cause a issues for vehicles with smaller tyres and little clearance.

In summary, the Hells Bells Track will be an incredible run that offers everything a 4WD enthusiast could want in a track. There are a few cruise moments that come in short spurts, but the challenges come in regularly and at set intervals as we approach them.

Please remain patient. With GONE Offroad 4WD Tours, safety is paramount and is the number one factor for our tag-alongs. Hells Bells is coming and will give you a run for your money without going stupid :)

As always, we will keep you posted. Please share this post and if you haven't already, invite your mates to Follow us on Facebook here and our Instagram too right here. Your support is always appreciated.

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