• Kevin Cartwright


GONE Offroad 4WD Tours are in the midst of map patrolling the Victorian High Country and set up a solid itinerary for tag-along tours

After a successful 2018, we have set the bar a little higher for this year. The goal is to get to arguably one of Australia's most glorious 4WD destinations in April 2019. Thats right, the magic Victorian High Country. Why?

The GONE map patrol team have plans to construct a solid tour map that will be unique to us and thus be able to conduct epic tag-along tours through some of the most amazing landscape in Australia.

Some of the destinations will include the Blue Rag Range Track and Billy Goats Bluff. From Craig's Hut to Sheep Yard Flat and many many others. We guarantee that we will not miss a thing worth seeing.

On our end, this epic trip is initially for research, mapping and exploring. GONE Offroad have intentions of running the Victorian High Country as an Annual Mega-Tour. This means that as long as you have a capable vehicle and a hunger for adventure and sucking the guts out of life, then all you need to do is tag-along. You won't need to plan a thing. Leave that to us.

The fee for the tour has not been decided but fear not! Kev will do his best to keep the cost to a minimum so even if on a budget, you won't have to miss it. It will not be expensive by any means.

Keep in mind that this Mega-Tour will be absolutely epic in scale and is not to be missed.

Stay tuned as this exciting event unfolds.

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