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Winterfield Peaks Trail: Challenge meets Beauty

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Winterfield Peaks. Take a long look at these mountains. Imagine driving right through them and not get lost in a maze of hundred's of kilometres of track. GONE Offroad 4WD shows you through.

The Winterfield Peaks, our flagship trail on the Sunshine Coast, is one of the most rugged tracks for your 4WD and has already been dubbed the "Rubicon Trail" of adventure 4WDing of the Sunshine Coast. In case you don't know what the Rubicon Trail is, here is a link to check it out. There is so much more to the Sunshine Coast than just sand, beach and Hastings Street. Our job is to show you in Hi-Def 3D with our tag-along tours, what the Coast has to offer by driving your own 4WD to epic locations untouched by mankind.

Straight out of the gate, you are greeted with the immensity of glorious Canadian-like views that extend beyond the heavens and you are frothing at the mouth raring to go like a wild-bull at the gate. As an appetiser, this first 3 minutes off the bitumen is literally an attention-getting glimpse of whats to come.

The Peaks is a 6 hour trek across an incredibly varied terrain where you drive through the deepest gorges, narrowest ridges, boulder crossings, steep descents and climbs, rutty tracks and mud. Like a symphony orchestra, earths elements come in to play seamlessly as you are embraced by the trails characteristics. Just like a baseball pitcher, the Peaks is consistently throwing at you challenges and curve balls all at the same time.

The Winterfield Peaks trail would not be described as overly technical, but it is accurately defined as slow and gruelling which is why the enjoyment level is off the hook.


The Peaks has an epic finisher which goes for about an hour and half. Your seduced further as soon as you enter the second half of the track where the trails changes and its demands are immediate and slow-going. At this point, the adventure-vibes are strong and beyond words to explain. But the convoys camaraderie is very strong.

As we head about 2 hours into the trail, the Peaks is willing to give you as much as you can take so this trail is strongly recommended for those with some 4WD and off-road experience because the challenges never end and depending on weather conditions, can get worse. For the fanatical 4WDer or avid off-roader, this can also be a dream come true.

We act as your guide by way of being the Lead Vehicle for the entire trip and communication is done via our UHF radios that everyone gets for their own vehicle for the day. This is crucial because what can one day be a passable section of track can easily turn into obstacle ridden pass. Again, this adds more fun and really challenges your mind and vehicle.

It's as if the forces of nature deliberately put handicaps on the track to keep you at bay. Nice! At this point, the Peaks puts you to the test as if it is your proving ground. It's a never-ending battle of perfect driving lines, ruts, climbs and ledges...PERFECT! It is never a good idea to go 4-wheeling on your own, so the Peaks is no exception. That is the hammer blow as to why our tag-alongs are unlike no other in the Coast.

When you roll with GONE Offroad 4WD, we've got your back. The trail in parts mellows out a little allowing you mentally consolidate what just happened, then a new set of challenges unfold for your delight.

In closing, consider Winterfield Peaks as the Lord of the Rings Journey of the Coast. We have ranked this track as a Medium Grade. This makes an absolute definite for medium to experienced drivers. 4WD vehicles with competent aggressive all terrain or mud terrain tyres is essential and MUST HAVE 4 High and 4 Low range gearing . All-wheel (AWD) drive vehicles (e.g. CRV, X-Trail types) will NOT complete this track or you'll break something.


Trail Name: Winterfield Peaks

Distance: 53.7 km

Average Pace: 7 minutes per 1 kilometre

Average Speed: 14 km/h

Highest Altitude: 617 metres

Average Altitude: 340 metres

Max amount of vehicle per trip: 6

UHF Radio supplied: Yes

Air compressor supplied: Yes

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