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You've Booked a Trip. Now What?

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Live in YOUR world. Come play in OURS!

So you decided to look a little deeper and push your adrenalin a little further.

And you've bitten the bullet to spend half a day with the GONE crew out on the wildest forest roads you can imagine. Awesome and thanks a billion. What now? In summary, this is what happens.

Once you have purchased a ticket on our website, you'll receive confirmation of payment whether you paid by credit card or paypal. Bring this confirmation with you (either a printed copy or a screen shot).


Your ticket confirmation will tell you where everyone meets and at what time. Before you leave home, we recommend a toilet stop as at times we are so deep in the remotest parts of the bush that toilets are not available.

The meet up time (we need to be on-the-minute punctual) is important so we all get to meet each other and your lead vehicle driver, Kev (aka Adventure Overlord) will go through the routine about safety etc. He will also hand everyone a UHF hand-held radio where everyone will be on the same channel. Kev will then allocate everyone a position in the convoy (tag-along). This takes about 30 minutes.

The radios are crucial to convoy success in that we keep constant communication at all times throughout the trip. Then we all get in our 4WD and head out...


We air down tyre pressure staying in tag-along position. This is to give the driver a comfortable ride over rocky terrain, much better tyre grip (or "bite") and look after the tracks. Kev will hand you a tyre deflator gauge so everyone airs down at the same time. After this is done, Kev will do a final radio check and then off we go and hit the tracks. We always stay in convoy position at all times. This is for safety and so that everyone know who is where in the line. The GONE Offroad vehicle is always the lead vehicle.


From time to time, when it is safe for the crew to do so, we will take a quick 5 minute stop for either a leg stretch, snap a few pics or if Kev needs to stop everyone to discuss specific sections of track. Normally this is done on the fly over the radio whilst everyone is in their vehicle and the convoy is in motion. But there will be times, for example, just before a massive climb or descent, or a gnarly committing section of track, that Kev will get everyone out of their vehicle and discuss specifics of the track and what lies ahead.

The radios are there to be used when needed and also for a bit of fun. In the end, this is the reason we're here right?


As the trip draws to a close, Kev will let you know. The trips can at times go for a little longer than expected depending on track conditions. But thats ok. Thats part of the fun. Kev will then give you an opportunity to air your tyres back up to highway pressures with the GONE Offroad air compressors.

To extend our gratitude, you will also get a little token of our appreciation of spending a day with us. Overall, we are confident your day will be one that you remember and most likely be back to do another track. Our tracks are always changing too so stay tuned.

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